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About Us

At Leelawati Public School, we strongly believe in Smiley facemotivating students to develop the ‘creativity’, ‘spirit of inquiry’, ‘moral leadership’ as being envisioned by our former President, nation builder and visionary. Within the precincts of leelawati, we strive hard to provide ample opportunities to students to grow while exploring their innate talent. Students are encouraged to participate at various competitions and activities giving recognition to their endeavors’. We relentlessly encourage students to chisel a polished path for themselves in this world of cut throat competition....

Welcome To Leelawati Public School

Founder's Message

“Life is a long journey where each one of us moves ahead conquering one milestone after another. The traveler moves on but the imprints remain embedded on the sands of time.This is how our school ”

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Chairman's Message

Whenever I am asked to define education, I remember a beautiful quote of Mahatma Gandhi on it. He said, “Real education has to draw out the best from the boys and girls to be educated.”

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General Secretary Message

The foundation of his institution was laid with a vision to provide value and based education and a nurturing environment for shaping an integrated personality of..

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About Us

Welcome to yet another year of universal experience at Leelawati Public School, Last year was truly an amazing year with students aspiring to achieve more towards greater heights. Our school’s purpose is to educate the youth of the world to take their productive place as leaders in the global community by offering our students a comprehensive education from Playgroup to Grade XII. We are a caring community where students’ needs are a priority and where traditional and global educational values are respected and encouraged to coexist.

Parents, this is a golden opportunity for our school and the entire community to remember 50 years of achievements on the auspicious occasion of Golden Jubilee. Children are the foundation of future society. The dream of strengthening the Balkarupi foundation was laid in 1969 in Adarsh ​​Public School Bhoor Bharat Nagar. In 1974, its name was changed to Leelawati Public School. In 1990, it was transferred to its area Pratap Vihar. It was the first school in the region which is today known as Leelawati Senior Secondary. Our school, dedicated to education, is constantly pursuing its educational efforts. We give credit for bringing the expressions of Leelawati Ji to Shri Sevaram Bagga Ji, his wife Indubala Ji Principal and all the teachers and teachers.

It gives me a great pleasure as the principal of Leelawati Public School, Inextending to all students, faculty and staff and our greater school community a warm welcome. L.P.S. is a school of the rich tradition of excellence. Throughout its 50 years of services to the community, L.P.S. has constantly met and exceed the educational needs of a diverse student populace. One of our biggest goals for the year is to help our child to feel successful and achieve academics excellence. By working together as parents and educators, we can build a foundation or life long learning