Our Mission & Vissions

Parents, this is a golden opportunity for our school and the entire community to remember 50 years of achievements on the auspicious occasion of Golden Jubilee. Children are the foundation of future society. The dream of strengthening the Balkarupi foundation was laid in 1969 in Adarsh ​​Public School Bhoor Bharat Nagar.

In 1974, its name was changed to Leelawati Public School. In 1990, it was transferred to its area Pratap Vihar. It was the first school in the region which is today known as Leelawati Senior Secondary. Our school, dedicated to education, is constantly pursuing its educational efforts. We give credit for bringing the expressions of Leelawati Ji to Shri Sevaram Bagga Ji, his wife Indubala Ji Principal and all the teachers and teachers.

To achieve this objective, our school has been a constant collaborator in the creation of an ideal nation by giving education to students in accordance with Indian culture. Students are constantly advancing in various departments like education, culture, science, computer and sports, swimming, etc. through the untiring efforts of all teachers and students. This is a great achievement for this school.

It has made special arrangements especially for the girl students. In which Shri Sevaram Bagga Ji is committed to reaching the goal by developing Kusum, the infant form of student life through his continuous efforts. Under his guidance, various service trends of child development are being provided to the children of Indian culture in order to make them vibrant, bright.

Dedicated to education, Leelawati Ji left this world, but her inspiration is always Azar-Amar as Lilavati Memorial Education Institute Pratap Vihar Ghaziabad. By singular qualities like patience, courage, confidence, love, and harmony, a person can succeed in hitting the target by suppressing all the weaknesses. Under this methodology, heartfelt greetings to the students and parents of Leelawati Senior Secondary School on the occasion of Golden Jubilee.”